• Leather and Gemstone Bracelet


    Wrap your wrist in leather and natural gemstones! Featuring Tiger's Eye, Jasper, Amazonite and Black Lava, this leather bracelet is filled with a great combination of healing properties. Tiger's Eye helps to rebalance the body on all levels, encouraging optimism and trust in the future. It brings good luck, abundance and prosperity. Jasper is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. It provides tranquility, comfort, wholeness and healing. Amazonite is often called the stone of truth or the stone of courage. It empowers you to search yourself and discover your own truths and integrity, to move beyond fear of judgement or confrontation with others and to live in alignment with your beliefs and values. The black lava stones can be used as diffusers for essential oils. Simply place a drop or two of oil onto stones and enjoy their therapeutic benefits throughout your day.