• Hematite Bracelet (8mm)


    Hematite, the mineral form of iron oxide, helps to ground and protect us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel more safe and secure. It helps to increase our courage and strength, and as a "stone for the mind", it helps to stimulate our concentration and focus, enhances our memory and increases our original thought. Hematite helps to dissolve negativity and prevents us from absorbing the negativity of those around us. And, because hematite is strong, it helps to boost self-esteem, willpower and confidence.

    This Hematite bracelet is made with 8mm stones. It features a cylindrical wood bead and is perfect for men and women. Also available is a Hematite bracelet made with 10mm stones, if you're looking for something larger. Hematite Bracelet (10mm) Both bracelets are double strung on elastic cord for improved durability and security. No clasp allows for easy on and off.

    Wear alone or stack with other bracelets to create you own unique look.