How We Got Started  

After working in corporate America for nearly 30 years, I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself without a job. "Now what am I going to do?", I asked myself. Fortunately, I had a little time to do some thinking, and it didn't take me long to know that I didn't want to go back. I wanted to do something outside of the corporate arena in this next chapter of my life. But what? Then one day, while walking along a beach in St. Lucia during a much needed vacation, it came to me. I wanted to own my own business, and I wanted to create beach inspired jewelry with materials offered by the sea.    

And, so it began...

Today, my jewelry designs expand beyond my original vision. While beach inspiration is at the root of my business, I have been flexible to the surprising turns that have come my way -- listening to what my customers are asking for and expanding my offering accordingly. My school pride collection is a great example of this.

I invite you to browse all of the jewelry currently available in my store and to stop by frequently, as the inventory changes on a regular basis. I also provide custom design work, so if you have beach materials that you would like to use, or you have a design in mind, please contact me.